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End of Season

If you can’t return these at the final league races, please return numbers and transponders to

Christine Woffindin
60 Clockhouse Avenue
BB10 2SU

  • Andrew hubert

    Hi I’ new to cyclocross and keen to do some races. I live in Macclesfield. Do you have details of league races? Can anyone just turn up and enter?

    • Dave Haygarth

      Hi Andrew

      The league races for the 2016-17 season will start in September. Broadly speaking, many of the events will be in similar places and at similar dates to last year (please see the ‘calendar’ page). We will publish the actual events and dates on the website in the mid summer.

      You’ll be most welcome to come along and give it a go – it’s very easy to get involved and there’s always someone in front of you and behind you to give you a good race, whatever your level of experience.

      Dave Haygarth

  • Neil Inman


    I plan on doing some of the forthcoming rounds, can you enter on the day or have you got to pre-book?

    • Dave Haygarth


      No you don’t have to register to the league. But if wish to compete for the overall standings you will need to register. Also if you plan to ride most of the league rounds, it’s worth registering as you will save a surcharge on the entry fee at every round.

      Dave Haygarth

  • Steve Fisher

    As a Vet, you say I can ride the Senior’s race, which I would like to do. (So both my wife and I and our 3 x U8 kids can all get a ride).

    Should I enter the league as a Vet, then sign-in for the Senior’s race on-the-day? Or should I enter the league as a Senior?

    • Steve Fisher

      To help anyone else, the answer is to enter the league you want to be placed in. So in my case, I’ve entered the Senior league.