Brockhole ‘cross (Lakes RC) – FINAL RESULT

Update: FINAL result now here

Message in from Louise Gore, who is tasked with trying to unpick a few problems with the results from the November event…

I finally received the Brockhole lap score sheets yesterday and have come up with a provisional result (however there are still errors to be resolved – so don’t update the league tables just yet)

Please could you email the provisional result to those you normally send the league tables to, and invite the riders to send in any queries to me by Friday 15th January at the latest.

In particular I would urge the following people to contact me as I have unresolved queries for them:

Paul Hudson (32), David Switzer (45), Matthew William-Jones (100), Phil Braybrooke (123), Paul Simpson (175), Morgan Donnelly (197) and Richard Wood (226/496).

On the last lap a number was recorded twice. In order to make sure that I have the correct number of finishers I have listed below all riders that I have recorded as DNF and request that these riders confirm that they Did Not Finish:

Dean Smith (1), Clive Wilkinson (13), Graham Kennerley (21), David Switzer (45), Kevin Walford (46), Jack Bowyer (48), Scott Wilson (56), Mick Speirs (79), David Boulder (98), Duncan Stuart (179), John Hols (184), Paul Andrews (188), Keith Ashbridge (191), Sam Clarke (199), Sean Hoban (235) and Richard Leafe (246)

Anyone not shown in the results that should be, needs to let me know.

A lot of these riders may not be registered for the league, but I need their input because their numbers may have been mixed up with some of our league riders. Maybe you could ask Dave Haygarth to display this info on the website for those who are not on the email list.