Pit and support team etiquette

Cyclo-cross is a winter sport, and some winters are muddier than others. This means that the use of pits mid race and pre-race will be necessary for many riders who have chosen to invest in multiple cyclo-cross bikes and who have the support of a pit crew.

Firstly if you’re new to cross and/or being in the pits and you’re not sure about something then please do ask, there are lots of people around with a wealth of experience who will be happy to advise you.

The pits can get extremely busy as the weather gets worse so please make sure you consider other riders and pit crews when you are setting up any jet washers – try not to spray anyone if possible and if you have a long lance try to point it downwards rather than horizontally.

Only pit crews should be in the pits, it can get very busy so it is not the place to play or spectate.

Please only step forward when your rider is approaching. There should be plenty of space for everyone. Talk to other pit crews and help each other out, if their rider is further ahead in the race than yours then stand back until they have passed.

Riders can only receive assistance in the pit area, at all other points on the course you can fix your own bike and a spectator can tell you what to do but you cannot come out of the course or have any assistance.

When changing bikes in the pit area please make sure the entrance/exits are kept clear and bikes aren’t left in the pit lane.

Finally could we ask that should you wish to wash bikes/shoes/kit after your race, you should do it on grassed areas rather than car parks or pavements/roads. We want to ensure that we are welcomed back so we always try to keep pathways etc as clean as we can.