Buy your transponder

Buying a transponder is intended for regular riders. You don’t need to buy a transponder to take part in NWCCA events.

The NWCCA timing system was upgraded in 2019 to the RaceResult “active” system, offering much more reliable timing especially in poor conditions. The transponder chips are significantly more expensive than the old ones.

Active transponders contain a battery with a life of between 5 and 7 years, after which a new transponder will be required.

Registered league riders will only be issued with race numbers for the season, not the transponder chip as before.

Transponder Use

The transponders will be issued as follows:

Non-league riders will be issued with race number and a transponder chip on the day as before, and asked to return both number and transponder immediately after their race.

League riders will have two options for transponders:

  1. Collect a transponder at sign on, then return it immediately after your race.
  2. BUY a transponder. It will be registered with NWCCA against your league number. You will retain the transponder from year to year. The advantage is simpler sign on, and you will not need to return it to sign on after your race, you keep it.

Buying a transponder helps the sign on team: we do not need to issue a transponder and get it back, and we don’t need to enter the transponder number in the computer each time you race, this significantly reduces the work of the sign on team, so please help the volunteers.

Each purchased transponder will be affixed with a yellow permanent label printed with the transponder number. Please do not remove or deface this label.

If you decide not to race, and no longer need your transponder, you can sell your transponder to another rider. It is essential that NWCCA is informed.

When you register for the league in future years, you will be asked for your transponder number.

Caring for your Transponder

We’ve got a thorough guide on caring for your transponder here.

Buying a transponder

Registered league riders can purchase a transponder at a bulk purchase price from NWCCA: £36 for each transponder with a new Velcro strap. Buying a transponder is intended for regular riders. You don’t need to buy a transponder to take part in NWCCA events.

For families with a number of riders, transponders can be shared, but the following must be strictly adhered to:

  1. The sharing riders must be in separate races, and able to swap the transponder from one person to the other between races
  2. Riders must always use the transponder registered to them
  3. If a family needs more than one transponder for situations where riders are in the same race, it is crucial that each rider uses the transponder registered to their league number.

Families can purchase a transponder for each registered rider.

Additional Information

NWCCA stock transponders will have a white permanent label with the transponder number. These will be used for non-league riders and league riders without their own transponders.

The current purchase price (August 2019) of a single RaceResult ActivePro V2 transponder is £52.36 from RaceResult, the price varies due to the exchange rate.

The RaceResult active transponders are not compatible with the more expensive MyLaps transponders used on road circuits.

Ordering and Payment


Collecting your Transponder

Once booked and payment received, you will receive your transponder with your race number(s), but unlike in previous years where anyone can collect a pack for someone else, you must collect your own in advance or at an event.