Frequently Asked Questions

See below for some FAQs, if there is anything else you would like to know contact us at

Can anyone enter?

Yes! Cyclo-Cross is the most accessible form of cycle racing. Everyone is welcome; we regularly have 6 year-old to 70 year-old riders taking part in league rounds.

Do I need a Cyclo-Cross bike?

No, cyclo-cross or mountain bikes can be used for all NWCCA events.

Do I have to be in a club?

No you do not have to be in a club to race.

Do I have to complete all the laps?

No everyone finishes once the winner crosses the line.

Will I finish last?

Probably not! The best thing about Cyclo-Cross is the wide range of riders who take part. Racing takes place right across the board, so you maybe in 61st position but battling with another 5 riders for that position.

Is it fun?

You may say no if we asked you halfway through a race, but once the lungs have stopped burning and you’ve been congratulated by the rider you pipped on the line, we guarantee you will be heading home with a big smile on your face!

Can I bring the family?

Yes, of course, Cyclo-Cross attracts many families either competing or spectating. At the majority of our rounds you will find vendors selling hot food/drinks and there will always be toilets on site.

Do I have to register with the NWCCA league?

No you don’t have to register to the league. But if wish to compete for the overall standings you will need to register. Also if you plan to ride most of the league rounds, it’s worth registering as you will save £2 on the entry fee at every round.

How do I register with the league?

Join online here before the season’s first event, or Fill out a registration form (see the league membership page) and bring it along to the first round you attend. The registration fee is £10 for Seniors, Veterans, Women & Juniors. £5 for Youth, Under 12s, Under 10s & Under 8s.

What happens after I’ve registered online for the League?

Race numbers and transponders will be issued for the season. These can be collected at any NWCCA league event. League members (S / V/ W/  J) will keep their numbers (Arm & Back) and their transponder for the season and use them at each league event they attend. They MUST be returned after your last event. Contact us at and we’ll send you the details as to where to send them if you can’t hand them in at the event. Please clean your numbers and transponder before handing them back!

What is my age category?

See the British Cycling Age Categories for the current season here.

Do I need to be a British Cycling member?

No you don’t have to be a British Cycling member but you will be required to purchase a British Cycling day membership for £3 at every round you race if you are a Senior, Veteran, Junior or Woman. If you plan on riding the majority of rounds it may be worthwhile purchasing a membership. Make sure you get a RACE membership. A full race license isn’t required for our league rounds, the provisional license that comes with the RACE membership is sufficient.

When and where are the races?

Check out the calendar page on the website.

What time do the races start and how much are they to enter?

  • Start times including entry fees are described on this page

How long are the races?

  • Youth and Novice – duration 30 mins for lead riders
  • Under 12s – 15 minutes duration  for lead riders
  • Under 10s –  10 minutes duration  for lead riders
  • Under 8s –  10 minutes duration for lead riders
  • Veterans & Women – 40 minutes duration for lead riders
  • Seniors & Juniors – 50 minutes duration for lead riders

Can I pre-enter online?

Not just yet, we are trialling online entry at a few select event this season. Once we have worked through the teething problems we’ll look to roll it out for all events.

What do I have to do on race day?

It’s best to arrive at least an hour before your race. Head over to the signing on area to enter the race and collect your race numbers and transponder. If no other races are in progress on the course you can ride round, please keep off the course if another race is on including the Youth and Under 12/10/8s races.

How do Transponders and Timing work?

We’ve created a help document here about how to use your transponder.

I forgot to return my race numbers and transponder, where can I send them back to?

Contact us at and we’ll send you the details.


2018-19 Season – Important!

All league events are entry on the day, although some may have in addition pre-entry enabled by the BC website.

League registration will be available at the initial events for those who have not already registered. There will be a cut off (probably after 2 or 3 events), after which unregistered riders will still be able to enter events but as non-league riders.

You can read more about the League on the FAQ page here