Race Categories

Not sure what age category you are?  Information on age categories is here.

At each league round there are 6 separate races and on two of the races there are split start times (Under 10 race and Women’s race):

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Start Race name Race duration Entry fee
10:15 Youth & Novice 30 min £6.00
11:05 Under 8 10 min £1.00
11:30 Under 12 15 min £1.00
11:31 Under 10 15 min £1.00
12:15 Veteran 50 / Veteran 55 men  40 min £14.00 (*£12.00)
12:16 Sen, Vet, U23 & Jun Women  40 min £14.00 (*£12.00)
12:17 Veteran 60+ men   40 min £14.00 (*£12.00)
13:30 Veteran 40 / Veteran 45 Men  40 min £14.00 (*£12.00)
14:45 Sen, U23 & Jun men  50 min £14.00 (*£12.00)

* Lower entry fee applies to NWCCA League Members.

For non British Cycling members, a British Cycling day membership costing £3 is applicable at every round for Senior, Veteran, Junior, Under 23 categories of any gender.

If you plan on riding the majority of league rounds it may be worthwhile purchasing a British Cycling RACE membership. A full race license isn’t required for our league rounds, the provisional license that comes with the RACE membership is sufficient.

If you have a British Cycling RIDE membership, this does not include a provisional license so the BC day membership will be applicable.

Counting events

This year’s league is calculated on members’ SIX best results.

The rule is still 80% of events minus any clashes with National Trophy weekends (The clash counts for a whole weekend, so the Horwich Humdinger event means one will be taken away from the potential total of 9 counting events).  We have rounded to 6.