Outstanding prizes from Stadt Moers.

Matt Hacker is happy to send prize money via PayPal so if you want to receive it that way, drop him an message at daintree151@gmail.com with the email address associated with your Paypal account. Alternatively, let Matt know that you want to collect at Macclesfield Supacross on the 27th Dec and he can give you the cash prize there.

Niamha Albones

James Dalton
David Powell
Stuart Reid
Martin Woffenden
Scott Wilson
Ian Rutherford
Mike Wardle
Adam Betts

Tyla Loftus

Nicholas Whitley
Paul Mashiter
Andrew Brindle
Steffan Chandler
Paul Marshall
Mark Laidlaw
Steven Henshall
Paul Colling
David Grindley
Rob Hope
Simon Pateman
Philip Simcock
Joseph Heywood
Kevin Larmer
Mathew Livesey

Mick Style
Rob Watson
Gary Brooks
David Headon
Greg Vallance
Stewart Dwyer
Trevor Sharpe
Robert Allen

Brian Gough
Ray Pugh
Derek Schofield

John Ginley
Ruth Gamwell
Marianne Williams
Fiona Mashiter