AGM: Event format and timings / proposal from committee to 2017 AGM

Any member attending the Annual General Meeting this evening should read through the proposal linked below, if possible, in advance. This has been discussed in advance of the meeting by the NWCCA Committee and if you take a moment to familiarise yourself with its content it will help speed up the meeting discussion procedure

NWCCA Suggested event format for 2017





  • derek h

    “Women need time to deal with children at events, so timing of the women’s race is crucial in allowing them time to get ready to ride, and then be available especially for the younger children.”
    … really????
    The race format and timings look fine, but perhaps the rationale for the change needs revisiting. Maybe MEN need to do a bit of “dealing with children at events”!!!!!

    • Hmmm. We did have a strong word with Len about that wording and he said he’d remove it. Let’s just say he’s a very very busy volunteer.

  • Ray Blow

    Looks pretty good. Only thoughts are that riders MUST ride in their age category and not chop and change to suit them. What would happen if all Vets 50+ decided they wanted to ride with the over 40s. etc.

    • Discuss at AGM ideally Ray… not online … that’s the idea of a AGM !

      • Ray Blow

        Not everyone can make the AGM and feel that this Proposal is a Big One and the committee must of had sight of this for some time therefore making the proposal available for all to see less than 12 hours before the AGM isn’t really the way things should be done. I have no problems with this proposal but i am sure some people would like time to digest the changes.

        • Understand that Ray. The AGM date was set a while back and there has been plenty of time for any member to table any motion or proposal well in advance. Don’t think that your comments here won’t be discussed this evening – it’s just that I’m not interested in discussing it here when that’s what an AGM is for. Yes, the committee did have sight of it and yes they discussed it, but only on the grounds that it will need to be openly discussed at the AGM.

          • Ray Blow

            Dave, i am 100% in agreement with the proposal. Makes really good sense and i really do appreciate the hard graft and hours the committee and organisers put in with very little thanks.