A note on Gridding of riders for the 2017-18 season

After a trial on gridding by average points (and subsequent discussion) during the rounds 2 to 4 of racing, we have updated the League Rules.

Rule 33 now reads:

All races will be gridded on the day by the Commissaire using average league points. Non-league riders, by prior request, with high national rankings may be brought forwards at the discretion of the commissaire. National Rankings may be used for a Category A event.


  • John Cooke

    nOt very good news for those who support the League every week.

  • John Cooke

    AS the Committee decided the number of counting events for 2017/18 season yet

    • Hiya John. The number of counting (80% minus any clashing Net Trophy events) is still as per league rules, but the final number of actual events is still dependent on what the outcome is for the Saddleworth Clarion event – currently negotiating with the Parks about venue.
      The number will differ for some categories such as Vets who have had more national trophy clashes since some national trophy events were over 2 days.