2017-18 season counting events for the league

The final number of counting events for each category is below. In previous years, this has been a little simpler than this season because

  1. We’ve had an unprecedented series of unfortunate cancellations and in some cases rearrangements of events.
  2. National Trophy events were all previously run on one day, rather than (some this year being) split over two days with different categories racing different days.
  3. In the case of Women Veterans vs Women Sen and Juniors*, a single league table is held (‘Women’) so the slight difference in National Trophy clashes meant that the committe decided to even and reduce them all down to the lowest common denominator of 7 events

With one event still to be confirmed (7th January, at a venue in Manchester), we have decided to publish this table as confirmation for all.  As the 7th January is a date that clashes with the National Trophy in Ipswich, the committee have decided that the 7th January event, if it goes ahead, should be a ‘bonus’ counting event (meaning that it just enables riders to increase their average points, if they can ride it). If the event does go ahead, the numbers in the right-hand column will not change.

Date National Trophy Clashes Remaining Counting Events 80% of …. Rounded – FINAL number of counting events
S/J/U23 men 1 10  8  8
S/J & Vet women* 1 / 2 10 / 9  7
Vet men 3 8  6.4  6
Youth U16 and U14 1 10  8  8
U12, U10 and U8 n/a 11 8.8  9