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Manchester Wheelers Boggarth Hole Clough / NWCCA Round 4 results and photos and video

Bogart Hole Clough looked like something out of ‘Fellowship of the Ring’ at 8am on Sunday morning when we arrived to set up the course, with misty wraiths swirling out of the chilly cloughs. However the peace didn’t last long

Velocity Cross/ North Western League Round 3 – 7 October 2012 –

Nick Craig (Scott UK) showed his class when he rode to victory in the third round of the North West League at Philips Park in Manchester on Sunday. Veteran Craig, from Hayfield in Derbyshire, showed no ill-effects from riding the

Horwich Humdinger Cyclo-Cross/North Western League Round 2 – Full Results, Report and Photos

Nick Craig (Team Scott UK) took a sound victory in the Horwich Humdinger, round 2 of the NWCCA league. Craig, 43, pictured, showed his class and went away straight away with Deiter Droger (Dirtwheels), but soon dispatched the Yorkshireman and

Red Rose Olympic Preston Guild Cyclocross, NWCCA Round1 – Results and Photos

The 2012-13 North West Cyclocross season kicked off today in Avenham Park, Preston, as it meant to go on.  Mutterings of an Indian summer ten days ago were a distant memory, as heavy rain and a muddy park set about


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