League Prizes Awarded

STrumann’s Trophy and Gold Medal
JJunior Cup and Gold Medal
U23Under 23’s Trophy and Gold Medal
WSenior Women’s Cup and Gold Medal
VZodiac Trophy and Gold Medal
WVVeteran Ladies Trophy and Gold Medal
SSenior Team Shield
V40Veteran 40 Team Trophy
V50Veteran 50 Team Trophy
WWomen Team Trophy
U16BYouth Cup, Boys, and Gold Medal
U16GUnder 16 Girls Trophy and Gold Medal
Youth GirlCaroline Wood Youth Trophy and Gold Medal
U14BUnder 14 Boys Redsure Trophy and Gold Medal
U14GUnder 14 Girls Trophy and Gold Medal
U16Gibbsport Youth Team Trophy
U12BMacclesfield Shield and Gold Medal
U12GUnder 12 Girls Cup and Gold Medal
U12Under 12’s Team Winners – Medals
U10BUnder 10 Boys Shield and Gold Medal
U10GUnder 10 Girls Shield and Gold Medal
U8BUnder 8 Boys Shield and Gold Medal
U8GUnder 8 Girls Shield and Gold Medal
All U16 catsIestyn Keir memorial trophy

Some 2019-20 numbers STILL to be returned…

Please return our property!

Other riders in the league don’t want to pay for your number.

If you still have a number from a previous season, PLEASE returnĀ  it to

Christine Woffindin
60 Clockhouse Avenue
BB10 2SU