AGM Minutes

NWCCA 2014 AGM Minutes

Attendees: Rob Pugh, Ray Pugh, John Gillmore, Chloe Parrington, Scott Wilson, Alan Cook, Mick Style, Dean Smith, Jenny Gretton, Mick Speirs, Carolyn Speirs, Dave Headon, Peter Headon, Paul Davies, Ian Small, Glen Wilkie, Adrian Watts, Richie Watts, John Brailsford, Christine Woffindin, Mark Turner, Len Woffindin.

  1. Apologies – Jed Hartley, Phil Braybrooke, Mike Gregson
  2. Review of previous AGM minutes – AGM minutes reviewed and agreed
  3. Secretary’s Report – Rob Pugh presented the report
  4. Treasurer’s Report – John Gillmore presented the accounts
  5. Election of Officials – Chairman – Ray Pugh, Treasurer – John Gillmore, Secretary – Rob Pugh
  6. Date fixing for 2014/2015 calendar
  7. Proposals


  1. Committee
    Under 12/10/8 riders to annually register to the league, this is to provide up-to-date contact details. A number will be assigned to each rider; race numbers will be returned after each event and travel to the next event in the number box. Assigning numbers will enable league standings to be updated by the click of a button as opposed to the time consuming manual task it currently is. Registration fee to be decided.
    Passed – registration fee to be £2. NWCCA to purchase new numbers.
  2. Committee
    A minimum prize list to be introduced for both boys and girls in Youth, Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8 categories. Currently some events pay out Top3 and 1st girl, other top 3 boys and top 3 girls.
    Passed – Top 3 boys and Top 3 girls in each category to be awarded prizes at each race for consistency.
  3. Alan Cook
    We buy 20 space blankets to be put with the numbers and taken from venue to venue  – to protect riders, helpers etc. from hypothermia if conditions turn nasty
    Passed – NWCCA to purchase space blankets
  4. Michael Gregson
    More information/better signing of start areas if they are a quite a distance from finish line, pits, car parks.
    Passed – NWCCA to recommend to organisers to display information at signing on
  5. Committee
    For rider categories junior and above, new or lower ability riders may enter the other race subject to approval from the commissaire and organiser e.g. a new senior rider taking part in the veterans & women’s race. The rider will not be eligible for prizes or league points.
    Not Passed – This was not passed due to a majority vote against the motion
  6. Dean Smith
    Remove average league points when riders are competing at clashed National Trophy Events. This year I would like to see the free points for going to the national rounds scrapped based on riders able to get max points for races yet not actually supporting the league. I understood the argument for this but if these riders are serious about competing on a national level then they should not be rewarded by their league for doing so but come race locally and be happy to be in a fight for points like the rest of us who race, organise, marshal etc etc to keep the league going. No other league in the country bribes there riders to go race nationally and if they are at that level then why wouldn’t they go anyway
    Not Passed – This was not passed due to a majority vote against the motion
  7. Committee
    Increase the number races organisers and commissaires can claim average points for, from 3 to 4.
  8. Committee
    If a rider provides a delegate to perform their volunteering role at a race, they cannot claim average league points if the rider themselves are not taking part in the event. If a delegate is provided, the rider can take part in the race and will receive the league points for their finishing position. If they fail to finish the race, no league points will be awarded.
    Passed. There was a debate relating to possible future penalties for riders who failed to assist last year and do not volunteer for next season at least one event.
  9. Committee
    Counting Events – The North West Cyclo Cross Association’s league is calculated at the end of the season and is based on riders’ best results in 75% of that season’s total number of events. This will be subject to annual review. Complaints have been received from riders that there are too many counting events.
    Passed – If more events are added during the season, counting events will not be increased from what was communicated at the beginning of the season. If events are cancelled NWCCA reserve the right to reduce the number of counting events
  10. Committee
    Review of race categories and timings. Some other leagues run Under 50, Over 50 races. Yorkshire this year have moved the senior race before the vets due to the lower numbers in the senior race.
    Our current format:
    11:00 – Youth (30mins)
    11:45 – Under 12 (15mins)
    12:10 – Under 10 (10mins)
    12:45 – Veterans & Ladies (40mins)
    14:00 – Senior & Juniors (50mins)
    See proposal 11 for changes
  11. Mick Speirs
    Time gap between Veterans and Senior race to be increased to 45mins. if the was increased to 45 minutes it would give the seniors enough time to pit for the vets and still have time to get ready for their race. Likewise, the vets will have enough time to clean up and be available to pit for the senior race. As an added bonus it would also give the organiser more time to sort out the result of the vets race and more time to prepare for the senior race.
    Passed – Majority agreed to change the Senior & Juniors start time to 14:15. A discussion regarding the possible race categories and timings took place, however the decision was to keep to the present system with the exception of a later Senior/Junior race start.

Update on Transponders
Brief discussion on transponders, the majority of organisers and commissaries agreed that since splitting the SWVJ race, we can still publish accurate, timely results without the need for a transponder system

Any other business
Rob Pugh to look at organizing a prize presentation evening instead of holding the presentations straight after the Beacon Country Park Cross event.