Reminder to Race Organisers about prize lists

(From Ray Pugh)

Prize list information for Organisers:
To remind Organisers of BCF rules, there should be at least one prize for every 5 competitors in each major category ( juniors, ladies, seniors and vets).
So if there are 25 vets, then there should be 5 prizes, the split should reflect the quantity of riders in respective agegroups, mostly V40s if applicable. If there are 6 ladies , then it is 2 prizes minimum.

Also for Vets, please put the correct category when signing on. There are no more Master or Grand or whatever Super Duper vets. It is now V40, V45, V50 etc, so put the correct one down, unless you are hiding your age.


Note (thanks to John Gilmore) This also applies to the Under 23’s and the youths where we need to identify the under 16’s and the under 14’s