Macclesfield Cross – 5 November


Here’s some photos from Jon Williams.

Full results now in below (click ‘More’).

The first of Macclesfield Wheelers’ two annual cyclo-cross events, incorporating the Post Office national championships, was organised by Mark Bethell on Sunday 5th Nov and held in the south park Macclesfield.

87 lined up for the main event but prior to this there had been a noticeable increase of U12’s and U16’s with 24 U12s and over 30 youths lining up. The increase is mainly due to Ivor Armstrong and his British Cycling team of coaches who have been giving some excellent training advice to the youngsters. They did in fact bring them to the park the day before to give them on the course training. This is good news and makes good use of the park which stands cyclists in good stead with the council. This is the approach we need to get more kids into a worthwhile sport with the backing of local authorities.

On a very mild day and a very dry course the going was fast and Phil Dixon (SIS Trek) set off like a rocket and within 2 laps the leading breakaway four of Dixon, Lewis Craven (Wheelbase),Craig Denning (Sports Coaching) and Dave Ebbrell (Backburn CTC) had been formed.

They forged away from the rest on the 2.11 km circuit and after 12 laps Dixon had lapped all but Craven to finish 3min 33sec ahead with Denning coming in a lap down.

Place Rider Club
1 Philip Dixon Trek – SIS
2 Lewis Craven Wheelbase/Ron Hill
3 Craig Denning
4 David Ebbrell Blackburn & District CTC
5 Robert Pugh Liverpool Century RC
6 Roy Hunt Trek – SIS
7 David Brailsford Horwich CC
8 Anthony Morris
9 Adrian Dalgleish Lune RCC
10 Thomas Clark Buxton CC
11 David Headon Horwich CC
12 Stuart Green Oldham Century RC
13 Jean-Claude Van Der Veken Halfords Bikehut Development Squad
14 John Shaw Atom Elite RT
15 Amy Hunt Trek – SIS
16 Ray Pugh Liverpool Mercury CC
17 Matthew Steane Buxton CC
18 Jeffrey Standley Lakes RC
19 Anthony Allan Macclesfield Wheelers
20 Mick Style Manchester Whlrs Club
21 David Thorp Buxton CC
22 Joseph Heywood
23 Jack Speirs Wheelbase/Ron Hill
24 Alistair Dow
25 Shad Sadat
26 Richard Handley Wigan Wheelers CC
27 Matthew Harwood
28 Dean Smith
29 Paul Dalton Matlock CC
30 Sean Beswick Buxton CC
31 Darren Bibb Featherstone RC
32 Simon Harding Oxford University CC
33 Martin Jones Horwich CC
34 John Gillmore East Liverpool Whls
35 Martyn Smith Lancaster CC
36 Paul Warrener Rossendale RC
37 Paul Trott Wheelbase/Ron Hill
38 Pete Neville
39 Joseph Allen New Brighton CC
40 Colin Humphreys Red Rose Olympic CC
41 Andrew Stubbs Barrow Central Wheelers
42 Craig Greenough Red Rose Olympic CC
43 Sean Williams
44 Philip Steane
45 Stuart Blackburn Red Rose Olympic CC
46 S. Winningham
47 Daniel Rigby Ribble Valley CRC
48 P. Millington
49 Michael Armstrong Ribble Valley CRC – Juniors
50 Andrew Stanistreet Liverpool Mercury CC
51 C. Davies
52 Martin Sackfield Leigh Premier RC
53 Phillip Braybrooke Eastlands Velo
54 Greg Vallance
55 Mike Gordon
56 Eric Taylor Horwich CC
57 Peter Watson Horwich CC
58 John Rutter Scottish MTB Leaders Ass.
59 Louise Murray Red Rose Olympic CC
60 John Gore Red Rose Olympic CC
61 Ian Small Zodiac CRC
62 Marc Theunissen
63 Andre Reihani Sport City Velo
64 John Stanistreet Liverpool Mercury CC
65 Carolyn Wright Horwich CC
66 Steve Santana
67 Roger Leeland Ribble Valley CRC
68 Kelly Baptista
69 Mark Arnold
70 James Stanistreet Liverpool Mercury CC
71 Leonard Woffindin Sport City Velo
72 David Smith
73 Mark Mills
74 John Perrin
75 David Halman Altrincham RC
76 Simon Lees
77 Reginald Stanistreet Liverpool Mercury CC
78 Ian Bury
79 Liz Howley
1 Jack Sadler Gill Cycles
2 Samuel Turton Ribble Valley CRC – Juniors
3 Andrew Nixon Red Rose Olympic CC
4 Christian Braybrooke Eastlands Velo
5 Bryn Davies
6 Alexander Braybrooke Eastlands Velo
7 Robert Armstrong Ribble Valley CRC – Juniors
8 Tom Gowans
9 Drew Fitton Mossley CRT
10 Clare Gore Red Rose Olympic CC
11 Dan Gowans
12 Connor McGillick Mossley CRT
13 Ryan Whatmough Shepherds Cycles
14 Matthew Braybrooke Eastlands Velo
15 Adam Layland Mossley CRT
16 Moira Davies
17 Kim Baptista
18 James Bethell
19 ? Bowers
20 Tom McGuiness
21 Zoe Millington
22 Angus McLeod
23 Olivia Dentith
24 R. Sackfield
25 Amber Whatmough Shepherds Cycles
26 C. Sackfield
27 Evie Pendlebury
28 Faye Heywood
1 Lewis Balyckyi Ribble Valley CRC – Juniors
2 Martin Woffindin Eastlands Velo
3 Jack Humphreys Red Rose Olympic CC
4 Thomas Armstrong Ribble Valley CRC – Juniors
5 Jack Bowyer Eastlands Velo
6 Andrew Davies Horwich CC
7 Bruce Dalton Matlock CC
8 Jack Penrice Eastlands Velo
9 Joshua Penrice Eastlands Velo
10 Daniel Whelan Eastlands Velo
11 Lewis Burke Eastlands Velo
12 Sophie Gore Red Rose Olympic CC
13 Lucas Tilston Eastlands Velo
14 Christopher Latham Eastlands Velo
15 James McGillick Mossley CRT
16 Laura Allen New Brighton CC
17 Melissa Bury Eastlands Velo
18 James Layland Mossley CRT
19 Jessica Anderson Yasumitsu Schlapp
20 Joshua Murray Mossley CRT
21 Jack Newman
22 James Cooling Horwich CC
23 Eric Fitton Mossley CRT