Geoff Bewley Memorial Cross Prizes.

Rob Pugh will be at the Liverpool Mercury event (Stadt Moers) with all the prizes from the Geoff Bewley Memorial Cross. I will also post out if you contact me with your address. Email

There are prizes for the following:
Dieter Droger
Jack Humphreys
Steven Ward
Giles Drake
Martin Woffindin
Dylan Kerfoot-Robson
Oliver Payton
Johnny McEvoy
Simon Wilson
Dan Wells
Scott Wilson
Matt Lawton
Peter Wilbraham
John Dodgin
Peter Middleton
Paul Bethell
Adrian Lawrence
Jerrod Hartley
John Shaw
Andy Thompson
Sean Beswick
Nick Shaughnessy
Mick Style
Andrew Brindle
Roy Hunt
Ray Pugh
Pete Howarth
Brian Perks
Derek Schofield
Phil Jones
Zoe Armstrong
Becky Preece
Karen Payton
Mary White