NWCCA final round – Beacon Park 24th Jan 2016 – Preview

Sunday 24th January sees the North West Cyclocross League’s final race of the season at Beacon Country Park; organised by St Helens CRC. Understandably we can’t guarantee what the weather will be like, however, regardless of whether it’s sunshine, raining, snowing, or anything in-between, one thing that is absolutely guaranteed is mud – lots and lots of mud!

The programme is scheduled as follows:

10:45am – Youth Race (£6)
11:30am – Under 12′s (£1)
12:00pm – Under 10’s (£1)
12:15pm – Under 8’s (£1)
12:45pm – Vets & Women (£12/£14*)
12:45pm – Junior / U23 Women (£10/£12*)
14:15pm – Senior (£12/£14*)
14:15pm – Junior / U23 (£10/£12*)

  • *A £2 surcharge is payable by all non-league S,J,U23,V,W riders
  • A £3 British Cycling day membership is required for Vets, Women, Seniors & Juniors if a valid BC Race membership card is not produced at sign on.


S/J/V/W Course

The S/J/V/W course will be slightly different to the last couple of years, as there has been the addition within the park of a children’s play zone, in an area we would normally use and as a result of that, the location of the pits has had to change in order to maintain a double entry pit, mid-way round the course.

The equally loved and dreaded off-camber long descent has (unfortunately) had to be removed from this year’s course, due to reasons beyond our control, however there is a fabulous wooded section in it’s place that we are sure everyone will enjoy.

Our aim was to design a course that has something for everyone, with some long straights, technical turns, wooded paths and a couple of necessary bike carrying sections – did we mention there would be mud!

Signing On

We are very fortunate to have the use of Beacon Golf club for signing on and riders will be able to do that from 09:30. Last year there was a lot of mud trampled in the Golf Club and we want to emphasise how important it is to us to keep this as a venue. The Golf club has also recently been refurbished, so please no muddy footwear whatsoever inside the Golf club. We are providing disposable shoe covers for everyone to use – so please, if you have muddy shoes use the shoe covers. We will be politely enforcing this on the day. The Golf Club will be serving tea & coffee throughout the day (£1 each). Toilets are at the Rangers Centre, not in the golf club.

Please do not get changed in any of the toilets after the race. The Rangers toilets were left in a pretty bad way last year and we want to do all we can to continue using this venue for our future races, so please do not use the toilets as changing rooms.

For those with sat navs, the postcode for Beacon Country Park is WN8 7RU. There are 3 car parks within walking distance of the Golf Club. Please use the other car parks when the 1st is full.

Arm Numbers & Pits

Arm numbers are to be worn on your left arm. There is strictly no jet-washers allowed in the pit area. Jet-washers can be used but away from the pit area to prevent soaking all the other pits crews.

Prize Presentations

We are aiming to hold the prize presentations within 30mins of the Youth, Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8 races. The other races may take a little longer. The prize presentations for these races will take place at the PA tent close to the Finish area.


Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors we are able to give out some prizes. Please visit their websites and check out their products / services.

  • Harry McNally (Tiling Contractor)
  • Bikes You Like
  • VeloChampion

Full details for the race can be found on the British Cycling website here.

You can enter online until midnight on Thursday 21st January. We recommend all non-league riders do this at it will speed up signing on for them.