Numbers and Transponders needed back STILL please…

Please share this with anyone below / tag people on Facebook or Twitter, and help us get our numbers and transponders back. Entry Fees for future races depend on us getting these expensive items back!  Details of how to return them are here:

Important – PLEASE return all numbers and transponders


100 Elouise Cotter


5 Noah Greenwood
31 Mackenzie Lee


50 Joe Brooks Mossley CRT
56 Charlotte Collier Sportcity Velo


49 David Harrison St Helens CRC
74 Mark McPhillips Stockport Clarion CC
141 Gemma Webster Harry Middleton Cycling Club
178 Carl Potter Lancashire RC
186 Jamie Duffy Manchester BMX club
203 David Ryder High Peak Cycles RT
214 Roy Davies Roy Davies Cycles
217 Clive Fitzpatick
227 Stefan Cornish The Endurance Store (Number only missing – transponder returned)

SEN / Jun / U23

3 Scott Wilson Team Elite
6 Daniel Baron Private Member
9 Oliver Bowden Rapha Cycling Club
16 Steve Bone Horwich CC
27 Andrew Hilton Manchester Wheelers Club
31 Olly Howarth Private Member
33 Graham Jackson Manchester Wheelers Club
34 Matthew James Rossendale RC
36 Richard Knowles Ride on Bikes
40 Paul Mower St Helens CRC
51 Jonathan Rooke Wills Wheels Cycling Club
85 Oj Borg Mobberly Wobberlys
86 Richard Sagar North Lancs Road Club
100 Archie Stewart Mossley CRT
104 Jake Whitham 3RT
112 Peter Oakes Manchester Wheelers