Preview: Horwich Humdinger – Leverhulme Park, Bolton, Sun 10th Sept 2017 – NWCCA Round 2


It’s essential we do not park in the Premier 5 football car park as we often have done in the past, please use the MAIN CAR PARK next to the sports centre.


At the sports centre (not Premier 5 football building) please use the side gate, and signing on is at the back of the sports centre, overlooking the athletics track.


At the main sports centre next to the athletics track, where signing on is. Please respect them as usual


We issue this warning every year, and it works as none have been stolen for about 20 years, let’s keep it this way everyone. Please don’t be complacent.


  • Similar to last year, BIG start area, BIG course, BIG on grass, BIG trees for spectators to hide from rain, BIG on very pleasant park scenery 😉 Firm under foot at present 😉 One set of steps, new cambered area, one woods section.
  • 90% of the course can be seen from the main field for easy viewing.
  • One double pit, 8 mins walk from the car park.


Staggered registration times please, as we have limited space in the Sports centre, there are a large number of youngsters racing this year, so we need to get them registered before the adults. Thank you in advanced for your support and consideration.

  • Youths race 10.30 (register 9.30 – 10.10)
  • U8’s race 11.20 (Register 10.00 – 11.00)
  • U10’s/U12’s race 11.45 (register 10.00 – 11.20)
  • vet 50’s and women race 12.30 (register 11.00 – 12.10)
  • vet 40’s race 13.30 (register 11.45 – 13.10)
  • seniors race 14.15 (register 12.30 – 14.00)


As usual, North of the Athletics Track, the main park area, next to Long Lane, 8 mins walk from signing on.


The courses have been planned to hopefully give our ‘up and coming’ stars a good taste of what cyclox is about and we really hope they enjoy their races. This year we will aim to do their presentations as soon as we can after their races, and along with the normal allocation of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd we also have had some prizes donated by Halfords for wider participation, which we would like to randomly present to other riders in each race, so please if you can, stay around for the presentation as you never know your race number may be a lucky one.


Unfortunately it has not been possible for us to provide outside catering for this event again this year, which is hugely regrettable, so many apologies. There is however, a drinks machine in the main entrance of the Sports centre, and we will hopefully have a selection of cakes, for which you can make a donation, in the signing on area, so bring a few extra pennies with you.
A great days racing for all – SPECTATORS and COW BELLS are definitely needed and most welcome too !