Horwich Humdinger Preview – Round 6 – Leverhulme Park, Bolton

PARKING DO’s (please co-operate with these)

  • parking on LONG LANE, which is the road running next to the park and course, is allowed, but only on the side where the houses are.
  • you can park on the car park next to the sports centre, but it will fill up quite quickly
  • PARK RUN has more runners than we have riders, and everyone manages to park then, so it will be possible.

PARKING DON’T’s (please co-operate with these)

  • please don’t park on any pavements as this may invite residents to ring the police
  • please don’t park on the PREMIER 5 football car park, they need this space for their customers and they have asked us politely.
  • please don’t park on any grass areas as the council have worked hard to improve the park.


  • it’s about 20 years since a bike has been stolen at our event, let’s keep it this way so everyone has a great day 😊
  • don’t leave bikes unlocked on cars, take them with you 😊
  • when signing on take your bike with you, we have designed the signing on access to enable this to happen easily for you.


  • go through the railing gates at the side of the sports centre to access signing on from the back door of the sports centre, next to the finishing straight of the running track.


  • access them from the signing on area, please respect them as usual 😊


  • these will have modifications on previous years due to the high rainfall and complaints from residents about us damaging the grass.
  • the starts and finishes are all in the same area, just North of the running track, to get there you must walk or cycle past the Premier 5 football building and continue on to the main large field.
  • the courses for riders in the U8, U10, U12 races will not be finalised until the Friday or Saturday due to council concerns about the grass, due to high rainfall. They will however be in the
  • same region of the park as usual, and close to the main start area, and may be as last year if it’s not wet.
  • youth and adult courses will be 90% the same as last year, but have a small alteration, aimed at keeping racing away from the houses across the road, and using the small banking that runs half the length of the main field.
  • there are no rocks, slippery wood, glass or bricks on the courses, but some tame tree roots.


Leverhulme Park is on the East side of Bolton, just South of the A58, and the park access is from Long Lane.  MAP HERE – Postcode for SatNavs is BL2 6EB


  • will have members of the public in as usual, just like Heaton Park and Bebington Oval, so please don’t endanger anyone when warming up or riding around, take care when crossing the course 😊


We have a number of stalls:

  • Smart Coffee Company – same as at Weaver Valley
  • Unsworth Delicatessen (hot dogs and burgers) – same as at Chipping
  • Kids Racing ( kids bikes/ clothing) – been to a number of our events

RACE TIMES (the same as all NW races this season)

remember the clocks go back!! 😊

Start Race name Race duration Entry fee
10:30 Youth & Novice 30 min £6.00
11:20 Under 8 10 min £1.00
11:45 Under 12 15 min £1.00
11:46 Under 10 15 min £1.00
12:30 Veteran 50+ men  40 min £14.00*
12:31 Women  40 min £14.00*
13:30 Veteran 40 / Veteran 45 Men  40 min £14.00*
14:15 Senior Men  50 min £14.00*
U23 Men  50 min £12.00*
Junior Men  50 min £10.00*
  • A lower entry fee applies to NWCCA League Members.


  • there will be a refreshments facility on site through the day


  • volunteers will receive their information by email in the next two days.
  • no suntan cream needed round these parts 😊

Dave Headon, Horwich CC