Uncollected prizes from Harry Middleton CC ‘Cross

Craig Sneddon will be at presentation night next week for those who are there with prizes.  Below is th elist of unclaimed prizes.  If winners can’t make the presentation evening then the preference is for Paypal if you could contact craig@derwentlodge.net.

Uncollected prizes at end of February will be donated to the League. Craig has various good quality gloves that were left too – no pairs unfortunately but again please make contact

Dave Powell
Paul Upton
Dave Beachill
Adam Betts
Cory Edmondson
Matthew Toman
Thomas Stewart
Benjamin Goodfellow
Ryan Middlemiss
Benjamin Horrobin
Alison Rushton
Emma Knight
Helen Ogusthorpe
Jane Raynor
Robe Hope (cash and winner’s jersey)
James Dalton
Nigel Wood
Ross Litherland
Paul Colling
Paul Mashiter
Philp Simcock
Phil Craker
Nigel Dykes
Phil Smith
Rob Watson
David Smith
Peter Davies
David Jones
Brian Gough
Graham Wright
Tyler Koch
Scott Fisher
Huw Buck Jones
Nathan Smith
Raphael Tabiner
Hannah McClorey
Errin Corrigan
Lola Ellis