Longridge Rotary ‘Cross – Barton Equestrian Centre – Round 3 – Results


Neigh-sayers said it couldn’t be done. In the mane it was a tough task. To put on a cyclo-cross at an equestrian centre. But Longridge Rotary Club were not to be out-dung. The riders that turned up canter be wrong. Hoof thought it was possible.

[Okay I’ll shut up]. 

Well done Longridge Rotary Club, yet again.  Their second promotion was just as great. Brilliant in fact.  We done to marshals, helpers, and of course the riders. And well done for staying on the same lap, Giles, Matt and Martin, whilst Corendon Circus pro Ben Turner showed up and showed us all up. #noshame





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Some of the leading V40 and v45s from today

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