Beacon Park / HMCC prizes to be claimed

Outstanding prizes are below – Emails to Craig Sneddon – and Craig can do Paypal or a bank transfer. Alternatively, Craig will be on timing at the next two rounds.

Unclaimed prizes after the 16th December will be donated to Ride for Charlie

Isaac Peatfield
Robert Rowson
William harding
Thomas Rushton
George Finch
Joseph Peatfield
Rob Hope
Paul Cockshott
Roy Davies
Andrew Turner
Andrew Brindle
Phil Simcock
Phil Craker
Paul Mashiter
Roy Hunt
Rob Watson
Joseph Heywood

Robert Allen
Mick Style
Mark Ferguson
Brian Gough
Ray Pugh
David Halman
Derek Schofield
Joe Thorpe
Nicole Clarke
Caroline Humphreys
Jane Rayner
Karen Poole
Alison Rushton
Louise Glysen
Dawn McCracken
Karen Dalby
Esther Wong