Horwich Humdinger 2013 – preview

Horwich CC are proud to open the new season of the NW Cyclo Cross League with the Humdinger 2013.

Our club has a strong cross tradition, and we believe in supporting the league by putting on an event each season for the good of cyclesport, the North West , and the riders, and we are grateful to all the officials and other club/teams that make this league happen each season.

The new volunteer scheme running this season will offer us at least a further 10 helpers on the day, which is an excellent help, and now enables some smaller teams to organise races for next season, as we need a few more.

In it’s current dry and well drained state, the course can be described as a Criterium Cross, with multiple fast grass sections and fast turns, which will keep the riders in small groups for longer, but will gradually test their endurance as the races go on.

The vast majority of the course will be on the top field, and there will be a double pit, which riders will pass through twice per lap.

The sports centre attached to the running track, supplies the changing rooms, and the signing on room, which can be entered via the running track as usual.

Car Parking is just off the road, in the car park next to the running track, but please avoid the Power League building car park as we have not hired this venue and they need the space for their users on the day.

PLEASE look after your bikes and lock them when not in use. We have not had any thefts for many years, and we want to maintain this record.

Transponders will be used on the day for as many races as possible, and every rider must return their transponders at the race finish as soon as they catch their breath, so we can try and use them in the next race. Please note that every shoe/leg transponder costs about £80 each to replace, so please fasten them very well.

Transponders enable us to provide faster results, but not all races will be able to use them on the day.

Enjoy your racing, and look out for the stars of tomorrow featuring in the youngsters races 😀

Thanks from the members of Horwich CC