Horwich Humdinger – Horwich CC – NWCCA round 2

Giles Drake - photo by Respice Photography

Giles Drake – photo by Respice Photography

A very fast and another excellent course from the Horwich CC at Leverhulme Park today.  Well done to all involved in organisation and helping the races run smoothly.

Congratulations to riders and indeed winners in all events – not least Nick Craig who won the veterans race then rode to second behind a strong Giles Drake in the Senior race.


Lap Times

The official results above have been compiled using the combination of the timing system and manual judging. The results are official, lap times below are for information only. We will not be answering any questions regarding lap times so please do not email as they do not effect the official results.

With the fantastic numbers of riders taking part in the league this year we (the volunteers) are stretched with the jobs that need doing each week before each race. If we receive multiple emails regarding lap times we will not be publishing them for further events. Cheers Rob Pugh



Short film of the Senior race here by Bolton Filmmakers ElectroSundays


  • Kenny Mitchell

    Just to say, how courteous the elite riders were when wanting to overtake. Last year was my first taste of cyclo cross I was lefted thinking If I should bother renewing my licence.

    • Pete Houghton

      Totally agree. Same happened in the vets race… It was great.. No serious accidents, because of this…

  • Ben G

    I couldn’t make last Houghton Tower 🙁 But it was great to get back into the swing of things Yesterday. Another great event put on by all the volunteers at NWCCA !

  • Ian electrosundays

    Spent an enjoyable couple of hours spectating and shooting footage at the event. The racing wetted my appetite for a piece of the action…. On my mtb … Have to work on my fitnes levels first I think !

    • admin-nwcca

      Do it, Ian! There’s a good mix of abilities and you get a good race whether you’re 3rd or 103rd! Life’s too short – come along and give it a try.

    • Keith

      In reply to Ian just do it mate even at the back there is a race within a race i was really worried about starting racing last year but went for it! best decision ive made with regards to cycling. Vast majorety of riders are really suportive.