Port Sunlight Wheelers ‘cross Bebington Oval – Round 5

Brian.  “He’s a very naughty boy”.

A superbly organised race in some pretty hard race-organising conditions. The NWCCA thank Craig and the guys at the Port Sunlight Wheelers for organising their race in the kind of weather, to be frank, that Bebington Oval really needed, for a change.  Whaqt a difference a week makes, and what a difference a year makes. #bringonthemud



Senior race start

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No Surprises seeing Pete Middleton leading the veteran 50 field by a country mile after two laps

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@jcosgrove_ today @north_west_cyclocross #Bebbingtonoval

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@groover1973 today @north_west_cyclocross #Bebbingtonoval

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@dancosgrove08 and Elsie ready to hit it. #nwcca

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Another fantastic race report from one of our parents. This time from a wild, wet and muddy Bebington CX race (thanks to…

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@north_west_cyclocross #u8 start at #Bebbingtonoval today

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Cyclocross in Storm Brian #teamjmc #nwcca #muddy #breezy

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