North West Cyclocross Association League 2007-08: Final Standings

The League has been updated with final positions following the final round in Scorton.

Apart from congratulating the worthy winners in all contests, I’m sure everyone would like to echo my personal thanks to Fiona Gilmore who has put in a great effort in maintaining these complex tables.  The NWCCA would not exist were it not for the efforts of Fiona and those like her – hearty and warm thanks for doing a brilliant job!

League Winners:
Senior: Dave Brailsford
U23: Rick Sale
Junior: Joseph Allen
Vet 40: Mick Style
Vet 45: Colin Humphreys
Vet 50: Ray Pugh
Vet 55: Jeff Standley
Vet 60: Eric Taylor
Vet 65: James Stanistreet
Vet 70: Ian Small
Women: Caroline Armstrong
Youth U16: Lewis Burke, Sophie Gore
Youth U14: Jack Humphreys, Hannah Layland
Under 12: Sam Turton, Claire Gore
Under 10: Matthew Braybrokke, Helena Preece
Under 8: Kim Baptista, Matthew Baptista