East Liverpool Wheelers Cross Saturday 25th October Preview

Preview from race organiser John Gillmore:

Otterspool welcomes round 6 of The Lazer North West Cyclo-Cross League. It’s the usual mix of grass and roots, riders beware!! We are going to try and have the finish by the old cafe, also the place to sign on.

Please DO NOT park on the grass.

There is more parking at the end of Mersey Road, use post code L17 6AG, bikes on roof racks will have to come off as there are height restriction bars into the car park. It is only a short walk then to the course past the cafe.

Otterspool is suffering from a lack of maintenance and sections have become very overgrown. The course itself isn’t too bad but sections were it was wide enough for two riders to ride side by side have now become virtually single tracks.

Race times are as follows;

11:00 Youth

11:45 Under 12

12:15 Under 10/Under 8

12:45 Veteran Men

12:45 Women

14:15 Senior & Junior Men