Preview: Rossendale ‘Cross 2016 – Landgate and Moss Quarries

cx-event-poster-2016Rossendale Road Club’s annual cyclocross takes place on Sunday 18th September. By special design of the organisers, the race on the old skool style cyclocross course with its run-ups, moorland descents and boggy puddles is taking place one week before the 3 Peaks and is seen as perfect preparation for the rigours of moorland / upland cyclocross. Not that it’s going to put off anyone who isn’t doing the 3 Peaks… the course is certainly all-consuming and entertaining for both riders and spectators alike.

With childrens’ races focused on the ‘bowl’ arena, it makes a great, safe place for spectators and supporters, too.

For more information please contact Richie Watts on 719961154 or Adrian Watts on  07818054529

Event info

  • This is the second in the series so the event will mean that there are still quite a few newcomers to the league – registration packs including numbers and transformers will be available from league officials there.  Sign on for all competitors is up at the start/finish area.  Allow time to get up there (ten mins walk from the parking)
  • Entry to all races is only available on the day of the event, no pre entry is available.
  • Car parking is under pressure here and the locals again complained last year. Please park carefully and do your best to be courteous. Please do not park inconsiderately on the main road and on the route up to the quarry as we want to get the continued support of local residents

Race start times

(as per all NWCCA events for 2016) will be as below

  • 10.30 Youth & Novice, 30 mins £6 entry
  • 11.30 U12, 15 mins £1 entry
  • 12.00 U10, 10 mins £1 entry
  • 12.20 U8, 10 mins £1 entry
  • 13.00 Veteran & Women, 40 mins £10/£12*
  • 13.00 Junior & U23 Women, 40 mins £10/£12*
  • 14.15 Senior Men, 50 mins £12/£14*
  • 14.15 Junior & U23 Men, 50 mins £10/£12*

Venue address:

Landgate and Moss Quarries, Shawforth, Rossendale, Lancs, OL12 8EN