Prizes from Round 1 and initial League table

Hoghton Tower prizes

Now that the dust (?!) has settled on our Hoghton Tower Cross it’s time to thank all of the people that helped create such a great event for the riders.

To all Red Rose Olympic club members and families, to all League volunteers, to all NWCCA officials and Commissaires, to the young volunteers and especially to Colin and Jack, Thank You!

Also thanks for understanding the challenges that were thrown up by the weather and the compromises we had to work through in very short time scales.

We will be taking Prizes that we couldn’t present on the day to the next NWCCA round, so please collect at sign on.

First league table

I know we said we’d do this after round 2 but… hey … set expectations then exceed them and all that.  The League is over on the League Standings page.

If you volunteered at Hoghton Tower for the day you will not get your average points until you have completed an event. It would also be useful if any league members who volunteered for the day and didn’t ride to get in touch with Mick to stake their claim for average points. Do that by clicking HERE