Important message from the race timing team

Riders, we need your help!

  1. During the first races of the season we have experienced some issues with the timing system. We are dealing with these problems but desperately need your help. A few points below will assist us enormously in getting quick and accurate results, something everyone wants;
    If you forget your timing chip or have the wrong chip then please let us know asap. Checking you have the correct chip is essential. BEFORE you sign on make sure you have your chip with you and inform the sign on team if you are in doubt. They will issue a temporary chip or redefine your chip details. This will save a lot of time at the gridding/start of your race. Parents; please check your child has their own chip and not a siblings or parents chip!!
  2. If you now arrive at the start (general rule being: NO TRANSPONDER, NO RESULT) for some bizarre reason without your chip then please inform the commisaire who may issue a temporary chip if possible and will mean a significant delay at the start ( transponder team will have to update your allocation). We all want to get moving asap especially as it gets colder, so avoid this if at all possible.
  3. Losing your chip mid race, it is essential you inform us at the finish line as soon as possible, during the race. Please double check it is attached securely preferably on your left ankle, away from the chainring!
  4. If you cannot continue in the race and pull out then please inform a race official/marshal before you disappear to your car. This is best if the official has a radio and can inform the finish line.

Please help us to help you, we are all volunteers and the above recommendations will ensure quick and accurate results without lots of extra work.
Mark Royle
NWCCA Transponder team