Macclesfield Supacross prizes

Happy new Year to all from Ruth and Team @ Macclesfield CC
Thank you to all the riders who rode on Sunday, an apology for me getting the time of the under 8s race incorrect on the British Cycling website (hope there was not too many disappointed little ones, it won’t happen again),

Prize Winners:

Prize winners below please contact

Payment will be made by bank transfer or paypal

Gerrgia Ashworth
Karen Poole
Kate Taylor
Ian Taylor
Steven Henshall
Nicholas Whitley
Ian Rutherford
Adam Betts
Phillip Cracker
Nigel Wood
James Dalton
Peter Middleton
Paul Mashiter
Roy Hunt
Mick Style
Andrew Stokes
Chris Dwyer
Sean Beswick
Mark Sutton
Jon Kardasz
Robert Allen

Toby Barnes
Grant Ferguson
Giles Drake
Daniel Barnes
Jonathan Brain
Ewan Grivell Mellor
Dave Powell
Chris Metcalfe
Isaac Peatfield
Joseph Peatfield
Josie Nelson
Christina Wiejak
Diane Lee
Rebecca Preece
Monica Eden
Nicola Clarke
Brian Gough
Derek Schofield
Michael John Loughran