Update on Living with Hope – NWCCA rounds 4 and 5

We won’t bore you with the ‘it’s strange times we’re living in’ stuff, and will cut to the good news. 

We’re all committed here to trying our very best to put on another two rounds of cyclo-cross in the North West league at Broughton Hall.  The mini series has had excellent feedback and in the current climate it offers a great facility of ‘knowns’ for us to organise events there. The continued support of Hope Technology is easy to take for granted, but we don’t.  Thanks guys. 

So we plan to: 

  • Run Round 4 of the series on Saturday 27th March
  • Re-open entries for Round 4 on 1st March and close them at midnight on 20th March.
  • Pray that the prevailing restrictions on 27th March will enable us to go ahead
  • Run Round 5 of the series on Saturday 10th April. 
  • Open and close entries for Round 5 nearer the time. 

Kindly note that if you entered the original Round 4 (that was due to take place on 16th of January) then your entry is already in our system.  You were not charged at the time and your entry was carried forward to the 27th March.  So if you entered and then cannot now make the 27th March please let the organiser know via the entry system on British Cycling.

Stay safe, be safe around others, and stay fit.  There is obviously a lot that could change, but we all – riders and organisers alike – need something to plan for, and amend only if and when absolutely necessary – we’re Living with Hope.

Dave Haygarth and team.