Living with Hope series – plans for 2021 events in light of COVID Tier restrictions

The government announcements on 30th December 2020 regarding increased restrictions on movements make the next planned event on 16th January 2021 not possible to run.  Whilst there are suggestions about more clarity on organised sports events coming in the first week of January, it’s clear that travel for many competitors – and those organising and officiating – will be awkward, at the very least. 

However, we got three decent events by being optimistic, and we will continue to be optimistic, and plan to be up and running as quickly as possible when restrictions begin to ease.  I will make it my job to do that. Those of you who know me will believe me! 

Here are the immediate arrangements 

  • British Cycling will soon be closing the entry system for the 4th event planned for the 16th January.  Please don’t enter it. 
    (If you have entered it, you have not yet been charged, so please don’t ask for a refund!)
  • If you have already entered, we can carry these forward to the new date. 
  • Once I know a new date, I will announce it on this website, and on the NWCCA Facebook and Twitter accounts. 
  • We will re-open the event for entries.  There will be at least ONE WEEK to enter on line, and then it will close SIX DAYS before the event. 
  • We will then email people who have already entered the 4th event, and advise that their entry has been moved to that. If they they can’t make the new date for any reason, they will have a week in which to contact me to withdraw their entry at no charge. 
  • As usual, we will close entries 6 days before the actual event.  No late entries will be accepted. 

Chill, train, enjoy January, and please stay safe and look after yourselves and your loved ones. We’ll race again as soon as it’s possible. 

Dave Haygarth,
event organiser, Living with Hope series.