NWCCA League / Living with Hope Round 5 – Results

Hope. You enjoyed it.

Not really sure how to say thank you to you all enough – not only for another cracking, happy and friendly event, but this now concludes the series and season. The only nice thing about this is that the late April finish means that #crossiscoming that little bit sooner this time.  Can’t wait.

This time round, we were lucky enough to have a very willing pool of volunteers to help make the race happen from all sorts of clubs and backgrounds. Just people putting their name forward – and how grateful we all are for that. The Hope Technology help in venue of course, once again, was simply sublime. It would be easy to take this for granted, but we don’t. Huge thanks to all involved at Hope Tech and their friends at the Broughton Hall Estate. You did us proud. 

And once again for core team of Len and Graham, aided this time by Karl in the Commissaire team, and Mark and Craig on timing, with Christine and Valerie on the registration tent… can’t say thank you enough.

Well done every rider. The glass-half-full bunch who ran most of the course after burping tubeless, or popping tubs, and the ones who soldiered on after crashing, and all with so many smiles. Some great people in this world, and most of them were at Broughton Hall today. 

Dave Haygarth, organiser


  1. Youth
  2. Under 8
  3. Under 10 and Under 12
  4. Veteran 50+ men
  5. Senior, Junior, U23 and Veteran Women
  6. Veteran 40 /and Veteran 45 Men
  7. Senior, Junior and U23 Men