2021 AGM


NWCCA AGM 2021, Tuesday 1st June, 20:00, via Zoom

Members  of the NWCCA League for the past two years are invited to attend, via Zoom, the above meeting

(please inform us of you intention to take part via email – info@nwcca.org.uk)

  • Would organisers of events proposed please email dates and venues in advance of the meeting to the same email, please

  • If you have a NWCCA trophy, please contact us to let us know how you intend to return it to us  


  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes from previous AGM
  3. Appointment of officers
  4. Finance Report
  5. Discussion and vote on proposals submitted
    a) separate over 60’s men’s start and league and
    b) all events are pre-entry only

This ends the AGM, but there will be the setting of the 2021 – 22 season calendar at the meeting subsequent to the above items.