Element CT / NWCCA Round 8 – Betley Court ‘cross – Results

How different was that, eh? Snow was replaced by wind, cold replaced by warm, and mud replaced by …. a bit of loamy, sandy nothing! Cross was still cross though, and whatever the course, it makes us all cross.

Well done and thanks to Mick and the team for laying on another splendid event and thanks once again to everyone who helped our day’s racing. The commissaires, the timing team, the sign on team, the volunteer marshals and parking helpers. It was all just smooth and safe.

Well done to all the riders, and have a HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Results below.



Adam Gee’s photo albums on Facebook

Adam Gee was there today and photography album links to his Facebook albums will follow, once he’s posted them

Adam has kindly provided these unwatermarked images, too. If you use them, pleaser, please tag his social profile @adamgeepics