NWCCA Round 10, Salford CC ‘Cross Buile Hill – results

The third time in a row that, despite it being the depths of January, we had a dry and (almost) warm day out at our Buile Hill fixture. How they do it, nobody knows. But it works, somehow.

Super Mario stuff aside, the course with a million turns seemed to flow well for our final round today, and smiles on all the riders in all the events seemed to confirm that. But only after the pain had subsided.

For a final time this season, thanks go to all involved with the event – the organisers and the course putter uppers / taker downers, the sign on crew, the marshals, the caterers, and the seemingly largest load of commissaires in the northern hemisphere.

If you rode today, or any of the rounds, thank you for supporting and indeed making the best league in the world. See you all at the presentation night? Date / venue to be announced shortly!