NWCCA 2015 AGM Agenda

Date: 31st March 2015
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Location: National Cycling Centre, Manchester

  1. Apologies
  2. Review of 2014 AGM minutes
  3. Secretary’s Report
  4. Treasurers Report
  5. Election of Officials: Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Volunteer Administrator, Team Manager, Press Officer
  6. Date fixing for 2015/2016 Calendar
  7. Proposals:
No. Proposal Proposer
1 Split the Under 10/8 into separate races. NWCCA
2 Please could consideration be given to starting all vet/senior women together, on their own start line? One option would be to call them all forward after the top 20 vet men have been gridded, with the rest of the men behind. It is much less of a battle for the quick men to make their way through a dozen women than for the quick women to battle through ranks of slower men, particularly on narrow starts/courses. Alison Rushton
3 I’ve done a couple of the Yorkshire series in 2014 and, to even out the fields a bit more, how about running the Vet 40-49 or 40-45 along with the Senior men? This might result in more balanced fields. Derek Schofield
4 It’s quite noticeable that there are large fields for Youth A and B races but hardly any of these riders carry on as Juniors. I know there may be several reasons why the all kids disappear but cost may be one of them. A reduced fee might help to stop juniors and under 23s from leaving the sport. Mike Gregson
5 Free league registration for NWCCA Organisers and Commissaires Rob Pugh
6 The results to include the number of laps covered by the winner and his/her race time. John Cooke
7 Average points for clashed national trophy rounds:

Proposal 1 – Rob Pugh
Remove average league points for riders that compete and are in the results in clashed national trophy events. Change the numbering of counting events to be 80% minus the number of clashed rounds. This will allow all riders to take part in both series and also miss some NWCCA rounds. This will also reduce the amount of admin required and time required to produce the league tables.

Proposal 2 – John Cooke
For riders who compete in National events that clash with NWCCA events they should be awarded their lowest scored points in the NWCCA for each National event they compete in

8 Those who volunteer to assist other clubs promotions shall be awarded their average league points for 1 event and for 1 event organised by their club only if they choose not to ride that event John Cooke
9 The SupaCross held at the end of December shall be the last counting event in the league to avoid long gaps in race dates providing that all event can be included by the end of December John Cooke
10 In order to prepare riders for taking part in National and Representative event the duration of races in the NWCCA area shall be as laid down in ‘Cyclo Cross Specific Regulations 12.1’ as of 1st August 2014 John Cooke
11 The width of the start shall be a minimum of 6 metres as recommended by the Federation John Cooke
12 The committee to arrange training for interested parties as Commissaires, Judges or Coaches through the Federation John Cooke
13 Annual review of race start times, currently: 11:00 – Youth11:45 – Under 1212:15 – Under 10/812:45 – Veterans and Women14:15 – Seniors and Juniors NWCCA
14 Online entry to be available for League Rounds Rob Pugh
15 Annual review of entry fees, currently:

Race Entry Fee
Youth £6
Under 12 £1
Under 10/8 £1
Veterans & Women (League Members) £12
Seniors & Juniors (League Members) £12
Veterans & Women (Non-League Members) £14
Seniors & Juniors (Non-League Members) £14








16 Annual review of League Registration Fees, currently:

Race Entry Fee
Youth £2
Under 12 £2
Under 10/8 £2
Veterans, Women, Seniors and Juniors £5




17 Annual review of League Volunteering. NWCCA
18 NWCCA Constitution and Rule Book to be created and in place before 2015/2016 season League Registration opens. NWCCA
    8. AOB