Uncollected Prize Money

We have uncollected prize money from various event over the season. Prize money can be claimed up to Sunday 8th February and will then be returned to the promoting clubs. Prize money can either be sent to you via paypal (no charges applicable) or you can send a stamped addressed envelope to:
Rob Pugh
9 Ashton Road

To claim via paypal please email info@nwcca.org.uk

Bruce Atwood
Adam Bonnar
Chris Bailey
John Backhouse
Gary Brooks
Eve Barrow
Ros Clarke
Thomas Clarke
Simon Cunningham
J Dodgin
Brian Gough
Richard Haughton
Ruby Jennings
Chris Kay
Ian Kendal
Richard Knowles
Mick Loughran
Paul Lally
M Lawton
Julia Matherson
Rachel Mayers
Jay McCarthy
Pete Middleton
Amy Monkhouse
Tom Owen
Brian Perks
Ian Rutherford
Alison Rushton
Derek Schofield
J Shaw
Mark Tickle
Greg Vallance
Mike Wardle
Stephen Williams