A reminder about signing on to ride cyclocross races.

A polite but firm reminder to riders that you must sign on and pay for each event. Being a league member means you qualify for league positions and get to keep the transponder loan for the season … it does not mean that you have entered a race.
The very plain reason behind this is not to do with your prizes or points as a rider, or even to do with being visible in the results… it is because our organisers’ insurance for their events is void if a rider has not signed the entry form (and hence agreed to the conditions of the race).
You must sign on for a race and even if you don’t and your transponder’s laps are recorded, you will not feature in the race results.  
The race organisers, the event commissaires and the timing officials are all volunteers and the untold amounts of work that go into the event, its results and the minutiae of things most people wouldn’t even imagine means that there are some very tired people around at the moment who would rather be spending time with their families and doing their day jobs a bit better. The last thing they want is to run about chasing up riders who failed to sign on. 
Please also note that if you choose to ride more than one race at an event (normally veterans riding the vets then the senior race), you will also need to get a separate transponder and number for that event.