It’s coming…! Red Rose ‘Cross – round 1 preview

We are now less than a month from the Red Rose Olympic Hoghton Tower opening event. Here is an update for riders and spectators from organiser Colin Humphreys

The course will be built on Friday the 7th of September. If you would like to help out with the build and get the chance to check out the course the venue will be open for course building from 2.00pm.

As in previous years there will be fish and chips served on Friday evening in the barn following the build.

We are again going to try and secure extra parking on site on the right hand side as you enter the venue in the adjoining field. This didn’t work out last year as we had torrential rain leading up to the event and this area became waterlogged. Fingers crossed that this year we can use this area.

Please take directions from the parking marshals who will be on hand to direct you.

Please do not park on the grassed area either side of the main drive up to the house. The drive will also be closed beyond the entrances to the car park areas. The usual hard standing parking will be available but please park as close to one another as possible to maximise the space available. The venue roads are too small for motor homes but vans are welcome. If you are using rollers to warm up please set these up away from the car park again to maximise parking space.

Car parking will be £3 per vehicle which has been set by the venue. Please also do not park just outside the main entrance on the road or grass verges as both the Police and Highways Agency have deemed this unsafe and will be patrolling the area. If venue parking is full please park well away from the entrance.

The indoor barn section will be in use again doubling up as sign on with the course going through the barn following a short cobbled climb. The course will be similar to last year but we are working on some changes with the venue to keep things fresh.

Its ‘Keep off the grass’ time again on the lawns in front of the main tower as requested by the venue as they have some major events in this area during the following weeks and want to maintain the condition of the lawns.

More updates to follow….