Preview: HMCC ‘cross – Beacon Park – Round 4

Year 3 and we’re back –  HMCC CX race will take place back on the Beacon Park. With great feedback on last years course we are pretty much unchanged with only a couple of course tweeks. Expect a mix terrain of the usual mud and grass and some fire track (minimal), with twists and turns and some challenging inclines. The tree climb is also back (now Rick’s Belgian party corner).

Race schedule will be as per usual for NWCCA. Prize fund is over £2500 and there will be equal prize money for Men and Women. There will also be fantastic winners jerseys too (supplied by the Bicycle lounge) along with goodies.


There will be 3 parking areas for the race:

  1. Main, Golf Course car park (including over flow car park – this is a new large area, hard pack)
  2. Middle car park
  3. Harts Lane car park

Please note that there is limited parking in each area, please use the car parks and avoid parking on Mill Lane main road and please avoid blocking public footpaths. With the additional overflow near the Golf club there should be plenty of parking.

As usual, in order for future events to be run please avoid causing any traffic issues. It has been known for the police to patrol the main road giving traffic tickets. Please be respectful of local residents and the general park users. Parking areas will not be monitored by race organisers, please be safe and secure with all equipment and vehicles.


Sign on will be in the main, central event hub, located at the bottom of the middle car park. Please give plenty of time for sign on, there is no pre-event online sign on, sign on race day only.  Please bring correct change where possible to help. We will have a chip-and-pin card machine too this year at the event too to help speed things up (hopefully there wont be any technical glitches).

There is an outside water tap located near the rangers centre but this is used by dog walkers and is a good distance from the main race. We would suggest bringing your own supply of water for jet washes.

There will be food and coffee on site from Joeys Coffee, hot drinks, hot food and cakes from the awesome Joeys Café –

There will be portable toilet facilities set up near sign on

Finally, as a mid season treat there will also be Erdinger Alkohol free beer available for riders after racing in the central tent, (alongside some music)! Once it’s gone it’s gone. Bring your steins and disco shoes!

Please be respectful of all users of the Beacon Country Park, we share the area with the general public and they have as much right to be there as we do, lets continue to utilise this great, supportive venue by being our usual friendly CX community!


There will be equal prizes for men and women and fantastic prizes for our junior riders. There will also be winners jerseys too – There may also be spot prizes in each of the races that should help make things interesting for all.

Race links

Good luck to everyone, see you on the 13th!!