Preview: Round 6, Weaver Valley cc 19th November @ Cheshire Show Ground

Welcome to the new Weaver Valley Cycle club race.  After a few years break we return again to the Cheshire Show Ground but with a completely redesigned course and a newly built building for registration and shelter if the weather is inclement. 

However, it is not called the Cheshire Plains for nothing!  The course is largely flat but as with recent races it will be muddy.

Main course

U12/10/8 courses

….will use only the first field directly in front of the finish and first aid positions.

Practice 1*  9:30 am35 mins Full course
Youth/Novice10:15 am30 mins 2.2km lapThe youth course will remove the loops in the second field
U811:05 am10 mins Course will stay on the main field
U10/1211:30 am15 mins Course will stay on the main field
Practice 2*11:05 am60 mins STAY OFF U12/10/8 COURSE UNTIL RACE HAS FINISHED
V50/55 Men12:15 pm40 mins  2.5km lap   Full course
V60 Men12:16 pm40 mins 2.5km lap    Full course
Practice 3*13:00 pm20 mins Full course
U23/Jun/Sen/Vet Women13:30 pm40 mins 2.5km lap    Full course
Practice 4*14:20 pm15 mins Full course
U23/Jun/U23 Senior Men14:45 pm50 mins2.5km lap    Full course
V40/45 men14:46 pm50 mins2.5km lap    Full course

*Practice times are approximate, please ask before riding the course and listen to all
*Practice times are approximate, please ask before riding the course and listen to all instructions from event team.
Do not EVER ride the course if a race is still taking place, it is intimidating to the remaining riders.


The pits will be situated just outside the main field and will be accessed twice during a full lap. The Jet wash area is at the far end of the pits. Please don’t bring dogs into the pit area, it is a busy environment. Please consider other pit crews & equipment when you are in there, so remember to stand with your bikes perpendicular to the line until your rider is near, this frees up more space for others to get access. Riders without helpers will have an area for their bikes, please avoid leaving them in the middle of the pit area as helpers have to cross this to clean bikes and change pit lanes

Start area

The start area is at the far end of the second field. (see map above).  Please note the start time of your race above and ensure that you go to start in plenty of time to allow gridding.

Directions to Venue

Please note the venue is on Flittogate lane.   WA16 0HJ  This cannot be accessed going West off the A556 directly.  If coming from Manchester/M6 direction either turn right after the M6 roundabout onto Pickmere Lane (B5391) to access Flittogate lane after a mile on the left or continue down the A556 to the roundabout/junction with the A559 (approx 2 miles) and go right round and back to the left turn to Flittogate lane.  


Parking will be within the Cheshire Show Ground on the perimeter roads.  Please be aware that there will be a clockwise one way system in operation for the main parking loop shown on the course map above.  Please park on the right side of the road leaving room for other vehicles to pass on the left.  Despite the fact that there is a large flat area within the perimeter it is anticipated that it will be very wet and muddy and you park there at your own risk – it is not advisable unless you have a four wheel drive vehicle.


We will do our best to have a podium after every race, this will depend on the weather.

Prize money will be paid via Paypal after the event.

Sign on & toilets

Sign on is in the large Barn on the right as you enter the venue.  Portaloos will also be situated here.


Empress will be providing hot drinks and snacks throughout the day. Please spend some money with them. They will be located near or in the Barn.

Event Sponsor

A  big thankyou to our sponsor please look them up and spend some money with them!

First Aid

First aid will be provided by Lambda Medical.  Please do not ride the course until the First Aid team are on site and in place.