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Stadt Moers course map

The Stadt Moers cross later this month looks like a fast course – using pretty much the same route as the first Stadt Moers event last season. John Stanistreet’s sent in this route map so you can all get visualising

Venue Change for Oct 21 Manchester event

This in from Phil Braybrooke about the MCDG ‘cross: “We have had to change the venue for this event due to restrictions imposed by Manchester City Council on the use Of Phillips Park. The new venue will be Clayton Vale

Pignut Hill, Northwich

A good mix of wide grass and testing woodland. Because of the amount of grass, it could be lightening-fast or a mud bath…. keep an eye on the weather before this one. Trees are put to good use on the

Outwood Park, Radcliffe

A new course for 2006/07 – A mixture of hard gravel tracks, short, sharp dismount climbs and a few bits of awkward grassland that could be slow if it”s been raining in the days before. Expect some fast, open racing

Leverhulme Park, Bolton

An old favourite resurrected in mid 1990s after a break of several years. Brought back into the NW calendar again in 2004 and used for that year”s North of England Championships. A mixture of fast grassland, bankings, steps and stony

Otterspool Park, Aigburth, Merseyside

What can you say, this place has everything (except toilets, showers, etc.). If you love tree roots and rubbish and rocks cunningly hidden under leaves, then this is for you. Bart Wellens would have a cardiac arrest just walking the

South Park, Macclesfield

A modern day classic. Several variations have been used on the same theme, a fast, close racing course. Used for the Macclesfield Wheelers event in October, and of course the well supported Supacross between Xmas and New Year, when the

Queens Park, Bolton

Town centre park with a nice variety of terrain. The park holds a lot of water, and being on a hill, is inevitably wet and boggy on the lower slopes. Used for past three seasons, with slight alterations each time,

Something makes the venue feel special, being next door to the National Cycling Centre. The park is a fairly traditional medium-sized urban park with tarmac paths galore. These sound fast, but tend to be mossy (Manchester only has three dry

Sherdley Park, St Helens

Is it possible to have more singletrack than Otterspool Park? Well – yes, frankly. There”s something sinister about the woods at Sherdly Park; tree roots lurk in unexpected places, mud-a-plenty, and just enough open space per lap for this to


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