Preview: Horwich Humdinger – NWCCA round 3, 22 September 2019

Preview: Horwich Humdinger – NWCCA round 3, 22 September 2019

Leverhulme Park, Bolton this Sunday for round 3.

Parking info

Please let’s avoid a repeat of theft £3k bike(s) in 2017. Leverhulme Park is a safe area for you and your family to enjoy a great days cycle racing. There are no personal safety issues, but please note these PARKING DO’s and DONTs for security.


  • park on Long Lane
  • or park on the main car park next to Long Lane but within the park boundary.


  • park on the small car park next to the Premier 5’s building as we are not allowed there.
  • park on any side roads off Long Lane that are on the opposite side to the park due to heightened risk of theft from cars of bikes or valuables.

Bring your bike to signing on, it’s safe there, we have got the side gate open for you to to this but don’t leave it unlocked on a car.

Toilet facilities

…are at sign on, which is a good 5 min walk from the start, no portaloos on the park itself.


  • The smart coffee company – selling drinks of all descriptions – cash only
  • ARC catering – breakfast barms / burgers, caters for vegetarians and vegans, so just ask about the food if not obvious and you require vegan

Sign on finishes 20 min before the race to avoid start line delays.

Race times

 As per normal league days, there are 6 separate races and on two of the races there are split start times (Under 10 race and Women’s race):

StartRace nameRace durationEntry fee
10:30Youth & Novice30 min£6.00
11:20Under 810 min£1.00
11:45Under 1215 min£1.00
11:46Under 1015 min£1.00
12:30Veteran 50+ men 40 min£14.00 (*£12.00)
12:31Senior and Veteran Women 40 min£14.00 (*£12.00)
 – 12:31U23 Women 40 min£12.00 (*£10.00)
 – 12:31Junior Women 40 min£12.00 (*£10.00)
13:30Veteran 40 / Veteran 45 Men 40 min£14.00 (*£12.00)
14:30Senior Men 50 min£14.00 (*£12.00)
 – 14:30U23 Men 50 min£12.00 (*£10.00)
 – 14:30Junior Men 50 min£12.00 (*£10.00)

* Lower entry fee applies to NWCCA League Members.


… are as per 2018, below.

Under 8 course
Under 10 / 12 Course
Youth U16 / U14 course
Jun, Sen and Veteran course